The Manor on the Hill - A Haunted Tale

I have to admit. I am a fan of all things supernatural. This work began as a short story and soon, I found myself once again in the driver's seat, writing a short story that quickly morphed into a novel. This is a work that I am intensely proud of! Mary was a woman of stature and the town folk respected her lineage and her wealth. Her beauty was unmatched. Mary was raised in a large manor upon the hill, that stood as a testament to her family and her destined future. Her childhood remained a mystery to the people of the town and Mary fully intends on keeping it that way. If her secret were to be known, she would be hung from the nearest spruce tree, for all to see.

As we fast forward in time, Molly appears, after gaining this old manor in a generous inheritance. Excited, she moves into the home and quickly discovers that she has inherited much more than a home and wealth.......

Join me on this tale of horror and mystery, as Molly, with the aid of some newly acquired "friends" defends the land from an evil presence that must be stopped. The first draft of the manuscript is now complete and is i the final editing stages, before publishing and print. Coming soon!!

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