The Wolf Advocate - A Spiritual Journey Through The Canadian Wilderness. Available soon!

Northern Canada offers some of the most beautiful and breathtaking natural environments in the world. "The Wolf Advocate" is a novel that explores this world, while exploring the customs and beliefs of the First Nations people of Canada. Taking place in Wood Buffalo National Park, the main character returns home, to find his missing brothers and re-unite with the land that always remained a part of him. On his journey to his homeland, Jim begins to have re-occurring dreams, where various animals visit him. As he approaches his homeland, to his surprise, the animals from his dreams begin to appear while he is conscience, leading him towards the questions deep within his heart.

The Wolf Advocate was a particularly thrilling book to write, as I was raised on a large farm, surrounded by all kinds of animals. I always felt that the animals guided me in my life. I could always count on them and their wisdom is undeniable. I look forward to the release of this piece and it will be available here for purchase in the new year!

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