The Planet - A Science Fiction Adventure

"The Planet" is a tale of a crew that enter into an adventure, looking to find resources for their home world. As they venture into the unknown, they discover that sometimes, there are things that are beyond all reason, sanity and explanation. The Captain and his crew soon discover, that on this new world, they are not alone. With the help of the "locals" will they be able to survive this unknown threat that is upon them?

I wrote this book for my students, when I was teaching in the northwest region of China. I was teaching in a government high school and this was a way for me to keep my nose down and out of trouble. What started as a short story, soon began to grow and before I knew it, I had a novel completed. This was truly an enjoyable experience, as creating a new environment not only served as a challenge, but at times, a truly daunting task. Writing from a place of improvisation and creativity pushed my imagination to the limit and I certainly hope that you enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed writing it. The publishing process was quite interesting as well, as this was my very first "kick at the can." Like all things, with some determination and hard-work, it can be done. I hope you join me on the Starlander, for some extraterrestrial fun and excitement! This original work by Jeff Mahoney is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and various other retailers. The book will be available directly from this homepage, as I will be undertaking the task of managing my own Indie Publishing, focused on this site. Please send me an email for more details.

"The Planet" - An original science fiction work by Jeff Mahoney. Available now!

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