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Jeff Mahoney

Jeff grew up in Canada on a large farm and has always had a strong connection with animals and the natural surroundings. From an early age, Jeff studied the trumpet and with it, came the study and love for jazz music. Jeff spent years studying the art of improvisation and the creative process. Over the years, Jeff developed an interest in writing and education. Jeff has taught English in China and currently teaches academic and creative writing in a school in Vancouver, where he lives with his wife and his two cats. "Writing is my passion and I cannot seem to get enough of it. When I write too much, I give my life some balance, by hopping on one of my bikes and going for a long ride." Jeff intends on writing several more books, as the creative process is one that never stops and only grows stronger with time and experiences. Jeff's first book, "The Planet" has been well received and be on the look-out for new and upcoming releases including The Wolf Advocate, The Manor on the Hill and The Space Between the Trees.


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